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Hello! my name is Sunay Birik, I was born in eastern Anatolia in the city of Erzurum a place surrounded by high mountains,with harsh and beautiful nature lying under the slopes of mount Ararat.
Like many of my fellow turkish citizens i am some kind of a child of the Ottoman Empire: Through my mother, tcherkess
From my father, former officer of the Turkish Republican Army, I am a girl of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founder of modern Turkey.
I paint for almost 30 years and had many exhibitions in Izmit, Ankara, Adana and Istanbul in Türkey, USA and France where i am living. Some of my paintings are exposed in Suleiman Demirel museum and Istanbul University
I would be so pleased to read your comments...

2013: My first trip to Venice, gorgeous!

à Venise à Venise
à Venise La Dogana et la Salute

Sunay Birik has been awarded "le Prix du Public" at the 36° Salon des Arts du Pecq, near Paris, for her picture "Evenos en Provence"

Evenos en Provence

HOTEL le PARC in Marly le Roi: Three flower panels for the lobby:


4 of my last paintings are now in the private collection of Orhan Karadogan,one of the most important art collectors in Turkey.



(may 22th to june)


Evenos en Provence Evenos en Provence
Evenos en Provence Evenos en Provence

Evenos Noyers Grignan
Evenos Noyers/Serein Grignan

la Porte du Paradis La Seine à Bougival Parc de Marly aux herbes folles
La Porte du Paradis-*Primé AIDAL la Seine à Bougival Parc de Marly aux herbes folles

Rêve de roses
dream of roses

peonies and ottoman flower bowl Hortensias Secret garden in marly
Peonies and ottoman flower bowl Hortensias secret garden in Marly

Roussillon en Provence

Le pic d'Olan en Oisan
Le pic d'Olan en Oisan

Brumes d'Oisan Oisan 2050 Les Fétoules
Oisan in the mist Oisan 2050 Les Fétoules, arête ouest


  • Galerie du Pont Neuf in Paris: du 7 au 11 avril
  • Académie Internationale des Arts et Lettres CULTURE et SOLIDARITE à Marseille: du 10 au 26 mars 2011

    Les Artistes autour de Raymond Mustacchi

  • Salon des Artistes Alpicois: du 25 février au 6 mars